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Power Washing Services in West Chester, PA

Off Duty Power Washing is the trusted leader for exterior home services in West Chester, PA. We have provided our customers in West Chester, PA with the highest quality power washing and pressure washing services. Our superior reputation has been solidified in Chester County by providing our customers with only the best exterior home services available.


Residential Power Washing in West Chester, PA

Power washing can restore your home’s beauty and prolong the life of your siding and decking (wood, composite, stone or concrete) by washing away contaminants. Contaminants are known to cause shortened life expectancy and/or permanent damage to a home’s exterior surfaces. All surfaces (vinyl, aluminum, stucco, cedar, brick, and stone) are all susceptible to the outdoors harsh environment.


Commercial Pressure Washing in West Chester, PA

Off Duty Power Washing is proud to offer Commercial Pressure Washing Services. Our trailer mounted Commercial Grade HOT water Pressure Washing Machines are equipped to handle the dirtiest of jobs. Our machines are capable of producing water temperatures ranging from Cold Water all the Way to Steam! HOT water is essential in commercial applications, specially when it comes to removing road grime, grease, and chewing gum from concrete entrance ways and sidewalks.


Gutter Cleaning

Off Duty Power Washing is proud to offer gutter cleaning services. Your gutters provide an extra appeal to your home, but only if they are not stained with those ugly black streaks. We like to call those “tiger stripes”, and they can be extra stubborn.  Off Duty Power Washing offers gutter cleaning services to remove those ugly marks and get your home looking great!  We have special cleaners to help us remove those black streaks and we hand scrub your gutters when needed to make sure they come clean.


Gutter Debris Removal

Your gutters are an important part of your home’s defense system. Gutters redirect rainwater away from your home to prevent rotting and other water damage. Debris trapped in your home’s gutters can prevent them from working correctly.


Roof Cleaning in West Chester, PA

Off Duty Power Washing is proud to offer roof washing services to West Chester, PA and surrounding areas. Have you noticed black streaks or stains on your home’s roof? Many roofs in our area are succombing to those ugly black stains, and Off Duty Power Washing is here to help!


Our low pressure roof washing service will not only make your roof look like new, but utilizes the lowest pressure possible so that your roof will not be damaged by high pressure. We also use environmentally safe cleaners, and we have hot water machines on site for those tough to clean areas!


Deck Cleaning in West Chester, PA

Off Duty Power Washing is proud to offer deck cleaning services. Your deck can be a pleasurable place to spend time outside relaxing. If your decking hasn’t been maintained properly, the weather can damage the wood to the point that it can splinter and rot.  Off Duty Power Washing has the experience needed to clean your deck properly and restore it to it’s best possible condition.


Concrete Cleaning in West Chester, PA

Off Duty Power Washing is proud to offer concrete cleaning services. Getting your concrete surfaces clean can be one of the single most important things that you can do to improve the appearance of your home. We are equipped with hot water machines that enable us to tackle even the dirtiest of concrete surfaces.


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